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goes in there and then you just go and then it's there. you don't get a check and have to walk it there and sign and chase it down. but that is, i think, increasingly the direction that all work is going. >> chris, this is the most inconvenient truth about the new economy. a third of the workforce is contingent workers. that means they are not working directly for the people who are benefiting for their labor. they are being sourced. they are temporary workers. what this means is they have no one to bargain with. they have to reinvent bargaining. the flip side is that not only is the unemployed have been unemployed for over six months. >> i think there's also -- there's two sides to this, right? because at one level it increases uncertainty tremendously. >> that's true. >> but there's also another level and a class distinction here. for workers that are doing fairly well, like if you're a freelance designer in new york, there's something attractive about this economy in which you are not subject to the structures of unemployment. you can work in your bath robe and you are the m
up. we have heard that both sides are not budgeting. but we don't know, things can change at any moment. if we have to gauge how to talks have gone so far from the conversations we have had here around capitol hill, they have not been too good at the moment. all that being said though, craig, there's a lot that can happen over the next 48 hours. the deal obviously is to try to have something on the floor that can pass the house of representatives by new year's eve. that is why it's so difficult, craig. you have mitch mcconnell and harry reed trying to get something passed. so there's a lot of moving parts. this is not a really easy road ever. so far, things are not overly optimistic, there was a touch of optimism yesterday and this morning but it went away this afternoon. >> what happened? >> who knows. >> what happened between yesterday afternoon and evening when everyone sounded like this thing may happen and now? >> what happens is they go in a room and start going back forth with each other and realize that they have not moved an inch from yesterday. all the talk was we can c
than a cliff. but i think the issue of the deficit is important. i don't think it's a symbolic gesture. one of the things that we've seen is $200 million we've started carving off the deficit. and the question is the time frame of deficit reduction, right? it's how fast, over what time trajectory do we see health? we've been making improvements over the past three years. >> that 1.2% number i want to point out is your complaint is that the republicans are looking after the interest of a very small minority group? that's not normally the criticism in the gop. >> that's what i think is the irony here. i think it's actually idealogically inconsistent techb. we stand for a proposition that we don't want to see tax increases and we're unwilling to compromise and the democrats are saying that 98.2% of people will continue to get tax cuts that the republicans -- >> the other issue here, though, is that we can talk about is this impasse. republicans are saying "no" at this or that threshold but the bottom line is if we bet to january 1st and there's no deal the game changes completely and at t
. they don't want to disrupt any progress or setbacks that may be in the process of being resolved. so that is what the white house is saying publicly. i can tell you that behind the scenes it is a very busy day here at the white house. staffers have been on the phone with their counter parts on the hill. president obama also on the phone as you heard report he has spoken a number of times to majority leaderer harry reid. vice president biden also here at the white house. he can of course be an incredibly important player in this entire process. president obama's strategy has to some extent been to wage a public campaign putting the pressure on congress to get something done during that exclusive interview earlier today you heard the president accuse republicans of being solely focused on protecting the taxes of wealthier americans. of course, president obama wants to see the bush era tax cuts extended for those making $250,000 or less while letting it raise on those making more than that. that $250,000 figure is up for debate and is up for compromise. i can tell you that republican le
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4